RichByLove never means loved by many people, having many Friends, Best Friends, or having a Great Positive Fan-following.

It is only just having One Person in Life who Loves you like no one else, who’s Only Priority is You. The One who accepts you for who you are. Who do’s as you say, whatever you say. And it never matters if it is Good and Bad, because that One Person is always with you in your Good and Bad. You can run away from him, but he always comes back to you. The Person who never Betrays you. You can always Hurt him but he never will. He always Cares for you.

If one person can love you like this, tell me why do you need a crowd to love and praise you?

I’ll say never stop seeking that One Person.

I found him and so will you.

You know where?

“Look Inside.”


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