Caption, all of us love to use them everywhere on social accounts. But are we really taking its good advantage or we’re just posting them.

Caption doesn’t only mean a short text under your picture but it puts a clear image of You, Your Thoughts, Feelings to your social friends and followers. It is a way to put your perspective in front of them.

And the second most mistake that most of the social users make is using captions in a way that they shouldn’t.

So, there are some tips which I think are best for writing captions that I want to share.

1. Try to sum up your caption in a line or two.

No one is interested in reading your long long texts untill and unless they are your true words, still if you want more appreciation, send it personally to the dedicated person.

2. Your caption shall depict your picture.

3. Be Real. Write only what you really want to say or show.

Don’t use captions for the sake of using captions.

4. Be smart. Use only captions which matches your personality.

Otherwise others might make a gig of you.

5. Use related emojis.

Try to use new emojis. I bet there are hundreds of emojis that you have ignored. So discover new emojis and if you like it and it matches your need, then write your caption.

6. Don’t Hashtag everything. You don’t suppose to have more hashtags than words.

Use hashtags for special or brand words only.

Never use more than 3 hashtags. It is a crime.

#I #Repeat #Never #Do #This

7. There is no language compulsion in caption world.

So, if your caption is a pro, then trust me it never really matters which language you use.
Concluding, this is the ending and I hope you all may like and try to follow all these tips and take your Caption Game to a new high level.


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