A kiss for a ticket

It was a great, great day. The day which I wished I could live every day. I never wanted it to end. So, I was off a bit when the sun went down and the moon came shining brighter than I had ever seen. I started walking little steps down the road, to witness something I would never forget.

Along with the cold breeze, I felt some warmth and heard a sweet, kind voice of a woman sitting by a bonfire. She was talking to her little son. Her eyes had more light than the moon, which were full of kindness and love, and she was showering all of it. She had a contagious smile and weird expressions that were changing constantly, leaving behind a blush and laughing voice. She seemed like an ocean, neverending.

As the night grown dark, she asked for a kiss on her cheek to get a ticket. The son kissed on her both cheeks and held her hand. She looked into his greedy, selfless and fearful eyes, fear of losing her. She smiled and embraced him lovingly.

Then, with her magic, she sent him to the world of dreams.



(The story is a complete work of fiction.)


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