Feelings are hard to explain in words, because not everyone feels the same way you do.

You see a stranger crying and just feel miserable and do nothing , on the otherside next person feels a way more than you and can’t stop from asking what’s wrong?

Emotions have more control over their heart and they are defined as weak, emotional or sensitive. I suppose they are more stronger than any of you are. Atleast they have the guts to do what their heart thinks is right. They don’t have meaningful intentions. All they want is to see others smile and happy. Whereas you, just sit and see how they regret and over their thoughts and actions, instead of helping them you make them more guilty about what they’ve done. And you say that you’re strong?

Some would answer that their past experiences turned you into person like this. Did your experiences taught you to forget humanity and love. Let others feel pain and have nightmares because you’ve been through all that and no one helped you. I know it didn’t. I’m pretty sure you’d hated people at those times but you yourself are turning into those people. Are you even realising it?

Being emotional strong is not wrong, but you have to take it to a right way. Some might had have been fooling you, while others need a part of you.



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